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A March 2002 Strategic Planning Meeting of the Knox City Council (http://www.knox.vic.gov.au) triggered the formation of the Knox Inter-faith Network, in response to the events of 11th September 2001. The original vision of promoting compassion, tolerance, understanding and mutual respect in the face of this significant global event has been preserved.

This much more recent link is representative of the type of message the Network wishes people to hear and understand:


The vision of Knox City Council for a Multifaith / Family day or other inclusive event was first discussed by 15 interested people in May 2002. The idea was explored and expanded through subsequent meetings until the Network was formally established in October 2002. We acknowledge the guidance from the City of Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network during this formative period. The Knox Inter-faith Network still anticipates running an event similar to that originally envisaged, probably jointly with Knox City Council.  

We also gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of Knox City Council, which includes provision of facilities and support for our meetings, monetary support from its Community Development Fund to help create this web-site and our brochure, and attendance by some Councillors at our meetings. The potential for our Network to play a part in the life of the Knox community was acknowledged by the Mayor of Knox, Cr David Cooper, in a press release in April 2006. 

Membership of the Knox Inter-faith Network is open to any religious body or faith community present in the City of Knox. Membership currently includes members of the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths, along with people from various Christian communities. Any faith community interested in the Network is invited to contact us.

A brief summary of recent activities is available at this link.

A downloadable overview of the Knox Inter-faith Network can be found here.

The Knox Inter-faith Network was incorporated on 11 January 2010.  (Incorporation # A0053991N)

The Network also registered for an Australian Business Number.     
(ABN 38 675 921 814)